Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Poetry Thursday -- Image Prompt

Deer Valley Petroglyph

The tap, tap, tapping
Of rock upon rock
Chips fly to reveal
A self portrait, two arms, two legs
Time travel in the desert.

Five splayed fingers like those
Curled around the rock
Or tapping a keyboard.
Do you, too, have the burning desire
To shine on after you are gone?


Emily said...

Loved your last two lines! Welcome to Poetry Thursday.

Rerun said...

Welcome to Poetry Thursday. Nice take on the theme. We can only hope our musings on the digital rock will last as long as the one in the picture.

getzapped said...

Very interesting ending. I like your way of working the poem in relation to such an unusal subject. I would hope to shine in a way that inpsires. Thanks!

Jon said...

Welcome to Poetry Thursday. I love poems that ultimately are all about the writing of poems. Thanks for sharing!

gautami tripathy said...

Great lines. The photograph is good too.