Thursday, April 26, 2007

Third Photography Assignment -- Temptation

Fast cars can be a temptation (yay, I got panning to work.)

Harley Davidson -- now that's a temptation.

This guy really gave into temptation -- dealing drugs.

When you have no teeth, pizza is a temptation (or I guess when you have teeth, too.)

Poetry Thursday -- Villanelle

A Life is Slight of Hand

A life is slight of hand and tricks of time
Bright eyes flash signs that truth and love might grow
But know the mind’s tight grasp won’t start the chime.

Then stolen love is not returned, a crime
To one means naught yet to another a blow
A life is slight of hand and tricks of time.

The search goes on without poetry or rhyme
Yet love is found somehow in light’s soft glow
But know the mind’s tight grasp won’t start the chime.

Commitments made and side by side to climb
Now hearts can ask is there more than to know
A life is slight of hand and tricks of time?

A babe was sought but proves too long past prime
A dream so doomed to fail from the logic flow?
But know the mind’s tight grasp won’t start the chime.

Boon child did come, chance aligned sublime
She grows each day a pace that will not slow
A life is slight of hand and tricks of time
But know the mind’s tight grasp won’t stop the chime.

Well, that was about the hardest poem I've ever written. But it's done, done I tell you!!!!!! As usual, critique is welcome.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Second Photography Assignment -- Power

The law has power over all of us.

Money is power -- certainly in a capitalist society.

And, finally, the dog is one thing in my life I have some power over -- usually.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Poetry Thursday -- borrowed line

Defenses Breeched

Once burned, twice high I
Stacked the bricks and tangled
Twigs like barbed wire atop
That place where emotions
Bubble out so not to strand
A tender soul once more in
Firing range.

But bit by bit, like drops of
Water hitting stone to make
Sand washing to the ocean shore
The wall crumbled away and I was
Rescued from the world of one
Or was it just a flimsy fence
And he a man of steel.

Thanks to Marcia for the closing lines of this poem. I actually read her poem after I finished mine and we certainly had two different takes on it. Just goes to show the versatility of language.

First Photography Class assignment -- motion

Grebes at Greenlake
Fast shutter speed -- moving objects frozen
(I actually "broke" the rules here with "merger" -- the heads of the grebes on either end of the shot -- but I think it balances out)

Spring Ride
Slow shutter speed -- moving objects blurred

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Poetry Thursday -- to, for, from a poet prompt

To a Poet

Ah, Poet – you serve up language
in tiny bite-sized pieces
Like a primped and garnished
entrée of nouveau cuisine.

But can the experiences and emotions
that splat across our lives
Be properly piped onto a plate
sauced and orange peeled, just so?

Instead, with your words drag me
inside your skull to peer out
Objective made subjective
to feel, taste, touch, me within you.

And then and only then, my Poet,
your work will earn from me
The coveted cordon bleu.