Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poetry Thursday -- Ode to Pat Tillman

I'm not really much interested in politics -- and the war is just plain sad in my opinion -- but this possibility crossed my mind after hearing about his personality. Also, no disrespect to his memory or his surviving family intended -- this poem is supposed to be anti-war -- if it makes any kind of statement other than a warning to strong personalities considering the military.

Ode to Pat Tillman

The dangers of war are known to all
Multitudes of ways to make men fall
Mortar, landmines, infection, disease
Conspire to bring soldiers to their knees.

But other dangers some soliders face
If fond of putting others in their place.
Group dynamics requires some tact
You never know how others react.

Those surrounded by men heavily armed
Should know life is not magically charmed
Decision could be made by those helping you win it
The squad would be better off without you in it.


tumblewords said...

Almost like a warning. You did a great job of writing this thought. Deep without rant.

Constance said...

I really like this. Very straightforward and to the point. Fish or cut bait. *g*