Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poetry Thursday (final) -- The Walker

Didn't follow the prompt -- but something I wanted to write a poem about. Going to miss our little get-togethers . . .

The Walker

He walks around and around the Ferry each morning
Covering the tiny circumference of its deck
Wearing a thin path of footprints in the morning moisture
Energy expended while traveling into the city.
Weather makes no difference to his determined step,
Just pull up the hood on his yellow rain jacket.

All the while . . .
Sun circles around the Milky Way
every 225 million years
Earth circles around the Sun yearly
Moon circles around the Earth monthly
Earth rotates on its axis daily
Ferry circles its route every ninety minutes
And the Walker circles the Ferry for his half hour trip.
Watch and see, tomorrow morning it all spins again.


...deb said...

The repetitive spinning circles is soothing.

gautami tripathy said...

I lik the images of the walker and analogy with the cosmos.

**G** said...

I sure wish that I could find you again! Tried our 'old haunts" and can't seem to. I hope that things are well with you and your family.

This isset to send me email response... if you want to respond! Do that and then I'll get in touch! Wait until you see how B is growing!!!

**G** said...

2012 and still hoping you poke your heads in...